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ARV Holidays (P) Ltd. (Delhi Office) Office hrs 10:00 am to 8:00 pm


402, 2nd Floor, Building No. 3, Ch. Kaluram Market,
MG Road, Ghitorni, New Delhi 110030
Contact Us: (+91) 9891418444 
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The 'Privacy Policy' of ARV Holidays (P) Ltd is proposed to provide users of this website, the terms associated with the usage and protection of personalized information, collected from them on regular intervals.

'Personalized information' alludes to the information associated with the user, and includes his/her name, address, telephone number, e-mail ID, credit card number, and other such details. The images found on website, as well as, the website design elements, text, graphics, logos, buttons, icons, brochures, forms, software and other content, the presentation, selection and arrangement thereof, is strictly the copyright © 2013, ARV Holidays (P) Ltd. Rights to the information are reserved with ARV Holidays (P) Ltd.

Note: If the tour comprises flight and/or train booking, the traveler will need to pay the full amount for the bookings in advance. We will not offer any leeway on this part at any cost whatsoever.


Bank Name : CANARA Bank
Beneficiary Name : ARV Holidays Pvt Ltd.
Account Number : 3811201000231
Account Type : Current
IFSC Code : CNRB0003811
Branch Address : Ghitorni, New Delhi


AC NO. : 602220110000377

Booking Policy:

● It is necessary for the traveler to pay 30% of the total tour cost in advance for processing the bookings. The advance payments can be made either through Credit Cards/Direct Bank Transfers.
● 100% booking amount has to be remitted for booking train and flight tickets.
● Foreign travelers need to remit the remaining outstanding amount on arriving in India, or at the beginning of the tour. The amount can be paid in CASH, or Credit Card, or Demand Draft in Favor of any Indian Bank.

Note : Monetary Advances should be paid by CASH / Bank transfers / Credit Card. The payments made through Credit card will attract 3% surcharges.

Cancelation Policy Applicable in India (Inbound and Domestic Travelers)

● All bookings, which are cancelled before 60 days from date of travel, by the traveler will have to bear 10% of total tour cost.
● All bookings, which are canceled between 59 and 45 days from date of travel, by the traveler, will have to bear 20% of total tour cost.
● All bookings, which are canceled between 44 and 30 days from date of travel, by the traveler, will have to bear 30% of total tour cost.
● All bookings, which are canceled between 29 and 15 days from date of travel, by the traveler, will have to bear 40% of total tour cost.
● All bookings, which are canceled between 14 and 7 days from date of travel, by the traveler, will have to bear 50% of total tour cost.
● No refunds will be issued if bookings are canceled before the time frame of 7 days.
● The cancelation of Flight and Train Tickets will depend on discretion of individual service providers and the management thereof.
Note: 5% service charges and bank charges levied as the part of transaction process WILL NOT BE REFUNDED, if booking is canceled any time after confirmation of arrangements.

Proprietary Note:
ARV Holidays (P) Ltd does not guarantee any visa approval or rejection, as this is the sole discretion of the Embassy. In the event of visa rejection, or any cancelation or loss arising as the result of tour booking, ARV Holidays (P) Ltd will not be liable. All costs incurred as the result are borne out by the client.

Guidelines for Refunds:
All REFUNDS will be processed only after 15 days after the Head Office of ARV Holidays (P) Ltd receives cancelation request in writing from the prospective traveler, and not earlier.

Promissory Note:

The booking policy of ARV Holidays (P) Ltd delineates:

● 30% advance payments should be made for booking tour, and 100% advance payments need to be disbursed for flights and/or train tickets. All payments have to be deposited to our company bank account only. ARV Holidays (P) Ltd will not hold the responsibility of payments deposited to Non-Registered personal account, for tour, flights and train bookings or any other services thereof.
● Any communication done on any personal email Id, and not directed to company email Id, or any payment deposited to any personal bank account, is not going to hold ARV Holidays (P) Ltd responsible.
● It is therefore urged to the customers/travelers, NOT-TO-RESPOND to any persona/unsolicited communication. Similarly, it is also suggested that you do not deposit any payments whatsoever in the personal bank account.

Essential Information:
The transactions in old denominations worth INR 500 and INR 1000 have been stopped immediately, and therefore, we make a formal request to our prospective travelers and customers to transact using the Bank transfers or Credit Cards only.
ARV Holidays (P) Ltd is happy to announce the Waiving Off the service charges on credit card payments It is done for seamless transfers and prevent the delays.